Meet Shari McEwan

July 13, 2017

Her thoughts on motherhood:
Motherhood is an absolute blessing. It is so many things that words cannot begin to describe. Honored to be a mom I feel so much understanding and appreciation for the true love of my mother and grandmothers. You become an entirely different woman. Words like “love”, “woman”, “sacrifice” and “commitment” take on their true meaning and each thought and feeling is magnified.
As a new mom, I have joined an elite club where we nurture, heal, teach, love and provide. You are responsible for shaping someone’s life and that is a beautiful yet scary thing. Becoming a mother has shown me that I have so much to give another human being and there is no feeling like it. Wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world!
My greatest challenge is overcoming the fear that what I do may not be “enough”. As a mother, you want to give your child the world and even with advice it is difficult to know if the decisions that you make will have a positive effect on their lives in the future. While there are books and many mothers before me, there is no exact map for raising my Kennedy. It is a journey I look forward to taking with her father by my side. I know in my heart that I will do everything to allow her to live the best life possible and hopefully one day she will embrace the world as a positive, beautiful, selfless human being.
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