My Multipurpose Dress – Before, During and After!

July 26, 2017

Sometimes, the baby is an oops!

Sometimes, babies are planned!  We were eager to have a new addition to the family.  Little Joel was a twinkle in our eyes…..aww

I like to plan everything down to the T. I like being organized, it gives me peace of mind knowing that things are in place.   Summer of 2015, hubby and I went on a much needed vacation! Shopping is always on the agenda.  When I hear vacation, I think of food, clothes shopping, walks in the park and rest! Lots and lots of rest!

One of my favorite stores is the Burlington Coat Factory.  I love this store because there is a large variety of affordable clothes for the entire family.  Two summers ago, I picked up this lovely dress! I love the style and colours.  “I called it the multipurpose dress! I remember looking at this dress with my glasses on and my lips pouted “like” yes! I can see this working for me for church, a dinner party, work (maybe).  “This dress can be worn before, during and after pregnancy” I thought to myself!


When you are on a budget, you are watching every dollar that you spend. While shopping, I was very particular about my choices.  I made sure that most of the outfits I selected could be worn during and after pregnancy.

As you can see here, I wore it during and after my pregnancy! It was super affordable and I can’t wait to wear it again!

Did you buy a lot of maternity clothes during your pregnancy?



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    1. Being a mom is such a privilege. The joy of feeling that pea grow into such a wonderful person. I am a mother of 2 girls and I’m now pregnant with my 3rd 🙂 My last was 12 years ago and so this feels like I’m a new mom all over again. To be honest, I’m scared and excited all at the same time. My hubby is being very supportive especially since this time around is not as easy as the 1st 2 times. I’m 8 weeks and already showing so it’s that time to start clothes shopping! I like your multipurpose dress and will be looking as some of those.

      1. Congratulations!!!!! I am so excited for you. There is something magical about having a baby years ago, watching that child grow then starting over again. Enjoy the journey! It’s absolutely wonderful.

        Lots of love XOXOXO

    1. So pretty! I am just like you. I tried to find multi purpose clothing when I was pregnant so I could still wear em after. And thankfully tons of dresses are still coming in handy. Of course can’t say the same about pants though lol.

    1. I used a lot of maternity clothes I had from my first pregnancy. I was fortunately in my third trimester in winter with both my pregnancies. So I could use the same coat, etc. The only thing I didn’t get maternity of was my scrubs that I wear to work. I just wore an under shirt and a long sleeve coat. I too love Burlington Coat Factory that is where I get all of my girl’s clothes. It’s so affordable and it has all the brands that I love.

    1. I LOVE this dress! 😍 I have a multipurpose dress too lol! It’s not as cute as this one though. But dresses like this are sooo great! You get to look cute through all phases of motherhood 😍

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