Michelle Weekes

July 13, 2017

Her thoughts on motherhood:

Motherhood for me means love, patience, understanding, support, being their biggest cheerleader and never ever giving up on them when they make bad decisions. It’s so important for me to be at every game making the most noise for their sporting activities. I take vacation for every sports day and I’m present for every basketball game. I can call myself the team mom for my sons basketball team because I am always present they all feel my support which is so important especially when there is no other parent showing up.

My challenges of motherhood are:
Always having to be strong no matter what.
Feeling like you failed as a parent when they make bad decisions and the world says you failed.
Not always having the answers.
Doing the best you can and feeling like it’s not enough.
Dealing with the sibling rivalry especially as I grew up an only child.
Allowing them to fail or learn the hard way.

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