Hyacinth Meade

July 13, 2017

Her thoughts on motherhood:

For most of my life I was an auntie or godmother so although I had not planned to have children of my own, when I became a mother I had lots of expectations based on my experience. What a surprise! Being a mother is awesome yet challenging and exhausting.

As I held my baby in my arms I was amazed by this beautiful gift God had entrusted in my care. As I watch my baby developed into a toddler my love for her was unmeasurable. As my baby became a tween/teenager, I began to face many challenges as today’s culture clashes with my values. However, as my baby is a gift from God, I pray for guidance as I know he has plans for her and my job as a mother is to prepare her for womanhood and to become a positive and productive citizen.

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