Meet Arlene Lake

July 13, 2017

Her thoughts on motherhood:Motherhood is a scary road to walk; it can make you or break you, and all our experiences are different. I remember as a little girl telling my mommy I wanted to have 32 children (clearly a little naïve at the time). Now that I am a mom (of 2) it’s a journey of love, sacrifice, pride and strength. Being a mom has taught me to be even more selfless and understanding. You never stop giving and hopefully you never stop getting loved by your children.

My greatest challenge as a mom is finding time to do it all. To love, protect, teach, guide, share memories and steal 5 minutes for me! Did I do the right thing for them? It’s what I ask myself often but at the end of every day I have given it my all, sky’s the limit!


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