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September 28, 2017

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Her thoughts on motherhood:

When I was 18, I found out I was 8 months pregnant. At already 8 months without prior knowledge believe me when I said that was the shock of my life. I was always the smart one in the family, the one everyone had big dreams for, so, you can imagine that after it became public that I was becoming a mother heads turned. I was belittled, shamed and frowned upon. That however, did not stop the fact that in less than a month I was going to be a mom. My pregnancy was extremely high risk as I had done no prenatal care or been taking vitamins and such.. 3 weeks later and 2 hours of labour pains later, I gave birth to an 8lbs 1/2oz baby girl and that was when I knew that I could do this.
Being a mother has taught me to be patient, strong, selfless and to smile.

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The biggest challenge I face as a mom would be having time to commit and being there for my daughter. Being a single mother with a full-time and part time job makes sending time with my daughter rather difficult. At the end of the day I know that I’m doing this for her and it makes the struggles worth it.
Being a mom means, headaches and breakdowns, long nights and sacrifices. It means putting your child’s needs above your own. It means as much as you love sleep you got to get up because you love your child more. Everyday is a learning opportunity but with hope, faith, a few tears and some help from loved ones being a mom will be the best job of my life.

and some help from loved ones being a mom will be the best job of my life.

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