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September 28, 2017

 Her thoughts on motherhood:

For me being a Mother is a special gift from God. It is that connection or bond I have with my children from birth to adulthood.

God has entrusted me with the responsibility to mold, love, care, teach and protect my children. It is very important as a Mother to instill the values and principles of God to my children because I am preparing them to be responsible individuals for society and the world.

As a Mother I have experienced the same emotions as my children. Whenever they are happy I am happy. I share in their joys and achievements. It is my greatest joy to spend time with my children and do fun things together.

I am a Mother of two daughters ages 29 (Ieshea) and (Tricia) 18 years old. After 4 unfortunate miscarriages we decided to adopt a child in 1999. My eldest daughter Ieshea was 11 years old at the time. I can recall I had some reservations because I had not seen the child because she was born in Dominica. She arrived in Antigua in March, 1999 and I instantly fell in love with her; there was a connection and we bonded. Although she is not my maternal child there is no comparison, I treat her equally and I never referred to her as “My adopted daughter” because she is my daughter. I gave her love, cared and nurtured her the same way.

Motherhood is not about giving birth to a child, because anyone can give birth to a child but not everyone is capable of being a Mother.

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As a Mother I have to make many sacrifices for my children to ensure they are happy and their future is secured. I am also many things to them, a nurse, teacher, cook, chauffeur, etc. But most importantly I am their “Mother”. I find pleasure in doing these things for them because of my love for my children.

Of Course there are going to be times when my children may disappoint me, but the most important thing is, never give up on them! Encourage them to stay focused and pray with them.

Written by: Mrs. Iris Browne

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