Last year, during my 3rd Trimester, I fell in love with…

May 21, 2017


Last summer as my due date approached, I made all sorts of plans for my vacation.  I arranged my time so that I could be at home one full month prior to my due date and I had so much plans.  I was going to have my maternity shoot,  make quiche, prepare the nursery, get the house ready for our new baby, have a spa day, do walks etc etc. the list went on and on. Yes, I had an actual list. 

To my surprise, my body slowed down entirely.  Going from one room to the next was a task. I felt this baby would have been heavier than the last.  My first pregnancy was 17 years ago and I just remember having a lot more energy in my last trimester.  I had no choice but to listen to my body and stay in bed and relax. 

I spent most of my relaxed time talking to baby Joel. I told him we couldn’t wait to touch him, to smell him, to hear his first cry.  I told him how much we loved him even though we’ve never met him.

One day as a was in “relaxed mode”, I received a notification on my phone via Instagram.  Now, I had Instagram for a few years but used it occasionally for browsing at my favorite celebrities to see what the latest fashion trends were and overall just to stay updated. I eventually became bored of seeing that sort of thing and decided to search for baby related pages and I came across blogs.  Some were about babies, some about families, parenting, fatherhood and some about motherhood.  I………was……..instantly hooked.  Last year, during my 3rd trimester, I fell in love with Instagram.  I fell in love with the community of moms who were there to support each other.  I fell in love with the stories they shared on their blogs about the joy and challenges of motherhood.  I felt at home, I felt comfortable, I felt excited to share my experiences with other moms.  I felt inspired to create my own blog and I was motivated each and every day I looked at my account because my feed was filled with mom bloggers and as I was about to become a mom again, I felt like this mom community would be a great support system and so far it has.

Thank you Instagram for providing this great platform for us to share and exchange ideas.  We are here to support each other.  I have yet to make my quiche, there was no real “maternity photo shoot” I just took a few photos during my pregnancy, something I refused during my first pregnancy. Thanks to my mom because she assisted with cleaning and organizing. I was unable to do walks (Heavy Belly).  In the end, Joel did in fact weigh more than Nicholas at birth. 

Did you complete everything you planned before you gave birth? Tell me in the comments.

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