Meet Joy Lefleur

July 13, 2017

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Meet Joy Lafleur

Her thoughts on motherhood:
More than half my life I’ve mothered other people’s children . Others would comment, as I reared these little ones and remark, “your going to be a “great” mother one day.”
The thought never registered back then. Today, motherhood represents much more than just being a “great” mother. To my daughter I am her guide in life. I’m responsible for her learning morals. All legacy that’s pure and classic is passed down through my patient and unconditional love towards her .

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When my daughter is on her own in life, what and whom she becomes depends tremendously on what motherhood presently means to me: The complete and sacrificial nurturing of a precious gift God has temporary lent me.

The most challenging part of motherhood.
Failure. Plain and simple. Failure is the most difficult part of motherhood in my opinion. Failure to be patient with my child. To give her the tools in life she needs and needed to succeed. Failure, to remember daily that she didn’t ask to be born, yet the minute she was born my life ended and her choices began. Failure that when I’m gone that I , some how didn’t give my child the best of me. The most in life I could offer. Failure.

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