Believer, wife to my incredible husband Micah and mother to my amazing teenage son Nicholas and adorable baby Joel who just turned 1 year old.

I am enjoying the journey of motherhood!

The Blog  –  My blog will be used to support, inspire and motivate everyone especially mothers. I will blog about anything that inspires me and anyone who inspires me with the hope of inspiring others.  In the beginning stages, blog post will be posted on a weekly basis (actually, I haven’t been able to post weekly so its basically when time allows) and I will inform you through Social Media when I’ve posted something new.  Please join me on Instagram, Twitter or my Facebook Page for updates.

The Mom Project – The Mom Project has been in planning stages for some time now – I hold this project very near and dear to my heart.  I have so many ideas for this new venture and I hope that everyone can be supportive. I started a Facebook Page so that this can be used as a platform for the community of mothers to share their joys and challenges of motherhood.  We will learn from each other. I will reveal more information on this project at a later date. Like the Facebook Page – here

Do enjoy!

N. Nicole Gore (Nesie)